Adam Lambert Releases “Trespassing” Track List Of Deluxe Edition!

Adam Lambert's Trespassing Tracklist Deluxe Edition
Adam Lambert's Trespassing Tracklist Deluxe Edition

Adam Lambert's Trespassing Tracklist Deluxe Edition

Like a thief in the night, Adam Lambert dropped the track list of the deluxe edition of "Trespassing" his upcoming album.

"Pop That Lock" started trending on Twitter faster than you can say "Cuckoo" and then Adam tweeted:

Pop That Lock: "Banshee Boys and Dancey Girls get down"

"Trespassing comes out May 15th and the deluxe edition will come out about 2 months later. (UPDATE: The deluxe edition comes out May 15th as well.  We were getting an import version of "Trespassing" mixed up with the deluxe edition release date.) Adam has been everywhere and very hard for us to catch up with him.

Glamberts, if there is any news on Adam that you feel we should be covering please do not hesitate and send us news!  We try our best but we now you are very loyal and dedicated.  Thank you.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Cannot wait for May 15th!!!! #cuckoo

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  1. Amazon says the deluxe edition releases at the same time, May 15th, just wondering where the information that it would come out two months later came from?

  2. You’re right! In fact, half the time we know the news before Adam does! Only sort of kidding ; )) We’ll keep you posted! And thanks for posting this fabulous and welcome news..We’re all a little #Cuckoo after all this anticipation…

  3. Hi!! Do you know if any of these tracks are ones that Nikka worked on with Adam??

  4. I’m waaaay beyond excited about “Trespassing”. Can’t wait! OMG! The track listing sounds awesome. I love every song I’ve heard so far.

  5. Yes, your diagnosis says it all for me too!!! My anticipation is busting loose and this doesn’t help:-)

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