#iheartDemi Demi Lovato Rocks iheartRadio Theater, Covers “Give Me Love” By Ed Sheeran

Demi Lovato Photo: GettyImages.com

Demi Lovato performed at the iheartradio theater in Burbank last night and she pulled out "Give Me Love" by Ed Sherran as a surprise for the audience.

Talk all the mess you want about her voice being off a little bit. At least her microphone is on.....punk!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Go on get it Demi!


#Lovatics Demi Lovato Releases Awesome Video For “Neon Lights”

Demi Lovato Photo: Latina Magazine

Demi Lovato has released a video for "Neon Lights" her latest single and a really cool video with neon being the main focus point of course!

We like the 80's feel to the video and the parts where Demi is made up and the part where she is wearing no make up at all.

We saw Demi live last month in concert in L.A. and her microphone was on she opened with "Heart Attack" played "Neon Lights" as well as the monster hit "Skyscraper".-DocFB

Diagnosis: Demi has been through a lot and redeemed herself. So much so that we LOVE seeing her name in neon lights....


Caliente! Demi Lovato Heats Up The Cover Of Latina Magazine

Demi Lovato Photo: Latina Magazine

Demi Lovato is the cover girl for the December/January issue of Latina Magazine!

Demi's father passed away this summer and he suffered from mental illness.  In the wake of his passing, Lovato has created the Lavato Treatment Scholarship which helps people with mental illness.

Lavato told Latina Magazine this about the Scholarship:

"The process is getting them through treatment, giving them the support that they need. Just making sure they get their two feet on the ground."

We saw Demi in concert last week and were impressed big time!-DocFB

Diagnosis: It is a good thing what she is doing in her father's memory.  


Lea Michelle Post “Glee” Cast Pic Of Adam Lambert & Demi Lovato!

Glee Cast Photo Photo: Twitter.com

Just in case you forgot, Lea Michele is reminding you that Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato are cast members for this season of "Glee" which airs on Fox.

For this season, the show airs on Thursday nights at 9 P.M.

Tune in #Lovatics and #Lamberts!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Anyone catch "The Beatles" episode last night?-DocFB


X Factor! Demi Lovato’s Hotness Talks Dallas Cowboys, & The Strahan/Fallon Sandwich!!

Demi Lovato appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon looking amazingly beautiful, going after Simon Cowell in old school pictures.

The X Factor judge also talked about her mom being a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Strahan's chunky soup commercials and old school pictures of Jimmy Fallon. She has the sexiest laugh. Well...at least to me...

Demi, Jimmy, Michael, and the man I call Higgins played a game and Demi was supercute in it as well. But..did she win? Check the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Demi Lovato.....still a better X Factor judge than Reid...


What?!?! Demi Lovato To Join Adam Lambert On Season 5 Of “Glee”!

Demi Lovato & Adam Lambert Photo: PopCrush.com

Lovatics and Glamberts rejoice! Demi Lovato will be joining Adam Lambert as a cast member of "Glee" season 5.

It is not known yet how many episodes she will be on but she will be part of a significant story arc on the show.

She will play Dani, a struggling artist friend of Santana's and Rachael and will be associated greatly with Adam Lambert's character on the show.

Demi will be on the second episode of the show so we wonder if Adam will be on the show that early as well.

We tried to get into Glee a few years ago but I couldn't. With Adam and Demi both on the show, I may have to set my DVR for the season as everyone knows I am a big fan of both.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The 2nd episode of "Glee" that Demi will debut on is a Beatles themed episode.


Jam Of The Week! Demi Lovato Releases Video For “Heart Attack” Watch Now!

I am Demi....Fierce. Photo: Wenn.com

Demi Lovato has released the video for "Heart Attack" which has already hit number one all over the world.

The song is not exactly brand new in the whole I can turn any boy away and not care but something about you makes me want your attention. The thing is....the subject never gets old.

It is not as groundbreaking as "Skyscraper" but she flipped the switch and for that, we respect it and name "Heart Attack" our jam of the week!-DocFB

Diagnosis: The Doc will not get played like a Ken doll....