Seriously? Heavy Metal Rocker Says Obama Planned Massacre In Aurora, Colorado!

We have a feeling that Obama digs Metallica over Megadeth anyway. Dave Mustaine, lead singer of Megadeth claimed in a concert in Singapore recently that he believes President Obama is behind the shooting in Aurora, Colorado to push gun laws.

Go to around the 2:38 mark to hear where Dave slams Obama.

He even blamed the temple shooting on him as well. This is not the first time Dave has said anti-Obama statements. He believes that Obama is not an American citizen and really is from Kenya. Dave is brining up the birth certificate fiasco that has muddled Obama for years, even after releasing it.

Mustaine is not exactly a Republican if you are thinking that. He has recorded in the past an anti George H. W. Bush song entitled "Foreclosure Of A Dream" back in the 90's.

You can clearly hear fans shout support for Obama during the video. His opinions may not be popular but it is FREEDOM of speech, right?-DocFB


Ron Silver Passes Away After Fight With Cancer

Ron Silver.  Photo Courtesy Wireimage.com
Ron Silver.  Photo Courtesy Wireimage.com
Ron Silver. Photo Courtesy Wireimage.com

Ron Silver passed away Sunday morning in his home in New York while sleeping.

Ron died after a 2 year battle with esophageal cancer.  He had an extensive career in movies and television and created the Creative Coalition for actors.  His stance supporting George W. Bush after 9/11 and coming out in support of him at the 2004 Republican National Convention hurt him getting jobs in Hollywood.  He said the liberal Hollywood made it hard for him although he could not name a job it costs him, it did make it hard for him to find roles.  He was a democrat up until that point.
Ron will be remembered for his work and not his political affilition.-Dr.FB