PRINCE Makes Grammy Impact; New Video; Confirmed For Denmark Show!

PRINCE only appeared on the Grammys to present, like we told you, and an appearance was all that was needed for a standing ovation by the crowd. There are celebrities…and then there is PRINCE, the icon that even stars get star-struck by. Gotye and Kimbra seemed more happy to talk to PRINCE than to get […]

Video: Prince & Larry Graham Get Funky In Nikka Costa’s Box

Larry Graham, Nikka Costa, & Prince. Photo: Latisha Alsys

Nikka’s Box this week is even funkier with Prince and bass legend Larry Graham jamming with Nikka Costa. This footage is from The NPG Festival last month in Copenhagen, Denmark. Gotta love that live footage.  Speaking of live footage, you all see that thing we sneaked on you this weekend on our Facebook Fan Page?  […]

Janelle Monae Calls Roskilde “Most Amazing Show Ever”

  Here is official video of Janelle Monae in Roskilde, Denmark over the 4th of July weekend and she is so blown away by the crowd, she says this is “The best show ever” all caught on film. Check out the crowd and her reaction.  I think that may have been the largest crowd she […]

Exclusive! Listen To PRINCE Live Now! New York, Are You Ready?!?

PRINCE. Photo:

OK, this is just way too cool and too funky!  An exclusive from the one and only greatest live performer of ALL TIME!!!!!! Live from Denmark——-PRINCE plays STRATUS!!! Just a taste of what to expect in NY!!!!!!  Take a listen and let me know what you think! [audio:] Thank you PRINCE and your people for […]