Exclusive! Listen To PRINCE Live Now! New York, Are You Ready?!?

PRINCE. Photo: LiveNation.com
PRINCE. Photo: LiveNation.com

PRINCE. Photo: LiveNation.com

OK, this is just way too cool and too funky!  An exclusive from the one and only greatest live performer of ALL TIME!!!!!!

Live from Denmark——-PRINCE plays STRATUS!!!

Just a taste of what to expect in NY!!!!!!  Take a listen and let me know what you think!


Thank you PRINCE and your people for sharing this with us exclusively.  We appreciate your generosity ten-fold.  Much love and respect.  New York has no idea what it is in store for!!!!! I will have to live vicariously through you all!-Dr.FB

P.S.  The 2 Garden shows are sold out and the Izod Center is on it’s way.  Get your tickets HERE!!!!!!!




  1. Erica

    YESSSSS!!! Now this is too cool 🙂 … LOVEEEEEEEEEEE his guitar playing, can’t wait to see this in person @ IZOD and MSG 🙂

  2. B

    Amazing to hear and to comprehend how Prince just gets better and better with time. A true master of the craft.

  3. NADIA

    OOOH YEEEEAAAH!! amazin’ stuff!! love it….thx u Prince 4 sharing this with us..
    thx Doc for making it possible

  4. Immanuel6

    Other guitarist need to “bow down” to Prince’s mastery of this instrument!!!! OMG!!!

  5. Frederic Doubel

    John Blackwell, Renato, Rhonda, Maceo, Candy, Icecream Greg, Sheila … the best band he ever had … please come to Antwerp before u go back to America … I’ll promise I’ll be front row with my bottle of foot spray in my pockets 🙂

  6. batdance

    Damn it´s nice 2 heare this again, I was there and it was a great performance, so energetic 🙂

  7. justmemuchlove

    I have no words for this really
    It’s PRINCE (= LOVE)
    Oh Renato.. (sigh)
    Thnx for posting doc (much love *hug* )
    (Oh I love the pic. btw)

  8. paisley1985

    Prince is killing me………………i want an album in this Vein …Pleazeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  10. rubymoon53

    Nice!! Very nice!! After watching and listening to the 2010 shows, it seems to me that Prince is going a bit on the “wild” side. I know what I mean. Do you?

  11. Thorsten

    Cool track where you can hear the audience! I missed that in other live recordings.
    Looking forward to Wed, Dec 29 MSG.

  12. Faces

    This is his best rendition of Stratus so far.
    Thank you so much Dr.

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