PRINCE Makes Grammy Impact; New Video; Confirmed For Denmark Show!

Prince Photo: MSN.Com

PRINCE only appeared on the Grammys to present, like we told you, and an appearance was all that was needed for a standing ovation by the crowd.

There are celebrities…and then there is PRINCE, the icon that even stars get star-struck by. Gotye and Kimbra seemed more happy to talk to PRINCE than to get the award.

PRINCE made his way to the Billboard After Party where he stayed for a short time.

Also, PRINCE released “ScrewDriver Live” on & for $1.77. You cannot view it or preview it for free, it must be purchased. It is a black and white video with PRINCE, Donna Grantis, Ida Nielsen, & Hannah Ford.

PRINCE also is scheduled to play Denmark on August 7th, as part of a festival.  With the event being overseas and knowing in the past of overzealous promoters,  we waited til we could confirm with the camp and we have. We rather have the info accurate instead of being first in this case. You can find more info on the event HERE.

I think it is safe to say you will see more dates of PRINCE overseas this summer and when we have that info, we will pass it on.

Don’t fret people in the U.S.  Prince is still slated to appear at the Carnegie Hall Tribute March 7th,  and will receive the Icon award and perform  at the Billboard Awards in May.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  2013 will be full of surprises…..




  1. Asa

    Just hope and pray for he will come to Sweden and Way Out West, just a few days after the festival in Denmark! It would make us swedish fans soo happy 😀

  2. Yasmine

    Damn it! Really, idk if I cry, or if I get angry with this man. He only do his concerts through europe and north america. Im 17, he hasn’t played in brazil since 1990 ( i wasnt ever born) and i still dont get a chance to see him perform live. im really angry and sad, idk what more should i feel, everything but happyness..

  3. Aprilflower

    Hi Prince!! I watched the Grammys –you looked good!! Things are heating up here… yo check your twitter… love U man….

  4. grant liddell

    Just bought the Screwdriver video Earlier and i was slightly disappointed at the fact it wasn’t as glamourous as previous Priince videos.Glad to see he has europe in his sights for touring.Just hope he remembers scotland and its newest music venue “The Hydro”.Desperate to see Prince again/

  5. Thanks Doc! Crossing all my fingers and toes for a Paisley Park show before P heads to Europe. You mentioned this as a likelihood for Spring/Summer. Is this still looking good?!


  6. Video not available in your country! 🙁 I saw it last night, but I want to watch it again!
    Tell Prince that there are a lot of Ticos and gringos alike that would LOVE to see him here in Costa Rica!!!

    Pura vida!

    heather lane

  7. M21nights

    Thank you so much for confirming the Denmark date! This sure will mean more to come .. very exciting to have Prince back in Europe this summer!!! PURPLE summer again, yeaahhhh!!!! It is appreciated that you make sure first, before confirming any concert dates! Better to wait than to be disappointed because of wrong announcements!

    I would love for Prince to take his 3-girl band on tour and rock hard!!! Too bad he did not perform at the Grammys, would have been perfect. I think everyone would have gone crazy! They were already star-struck just by his appearance! He looked gorgeous!

  8. Lisa

    i am always doing the happy dance when our purple yoda is around. he lights up the world just standing there. 😀 thanks for sharing! love to you all!

  9. Claudia Bedwell

    Hi Doc. I’ve only seen this video of any part of the Grammy Awards from last night.
    When I first saw Gotye and Kimbra’s video of “Somebody I Used To Know”, I thought it was weird. But after listening to the song by itself, I came to like it.
    Was cool when Prince said he really liked the song before he announced it. 🙂 Good to hear, too, that Prince was an inspiration to both Gotye and Kimbra. Prince is an inspiration to many artists no matter the genre.

  10. Rebecca

    Prince is an amzing singer he deserved the standing ovation, I hope he does a concert in the UK this year it would be great to see him live for the first time and his new music rocks, love Prince so much.

  11. kcool's Chocolate Box

    Prince is a star among stars they love him. That is Y his private parties we’re so much sought after & filled to capacity…He looked happy refreshed & ready 2 tackle the music industry again…He is a real artist

  12. kcool's Chocolate Box

    Prince is a star among stars they love him. That is Y his private parties we’re so much sought after & filled to capacity…He looked happy refreshed & ready 2 tackle the music industry again…

  13. Jochem3121

    Thanks Doc!
    Just my 2 cents here:

    – I love how Prince got his recognition by the Grammy crowd, he deserves it. What an impact he made by just walking to the stage and saying like 10 words.

    – Great to hear Prince coming back to Europe this summer. 2011 was amazing and I hope to experience another one of those purple high summers. However, I hope that Prince, like he said in the Billboard interview, will focus more on playing new material (or rare material) in the live settings. Europe is ready for it, it’s one big fanbase over here and we love surprises.

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