Denver Nuggets

Taylor Swift Loves L.A. & The Lakers

Taylor Swift showed her love for the Los Angeles Lakers last night at her show. During her encore, she put on a number 13 jersey with Swift on the back.  FYI, a little tid bit of info, 13 is Taylor’s lucky number.  The Swift one sold out the Staples Center in less than a minute.  […]

Cavs Win! Cavs Win! Cavs Win! Right Questlove?

Where were you when Lebron James hit Le Shot last night with 0.1 seconds left?  What was your reaction?  Questlove showed us via his TWITTER. What did it look like?  Well….  I will say it, last night what Lebron did was impressive.  Hope the Lakers do get to play them in the Finals.  What a series […]

‘Lil Wayne Takes In An NBA Game

‘Lil Wayne and his gigantic watch attended the Dallas Mavericks Game versus the Denver Nuggets on Monday night. Here is a game for you; can you read all the tats on ‘Lil Wayne’s face?  Go for it.-Dr.FB

Marc Cuban Has Words For K-Mart & His Mom

Marc Cuban had words for Kenyan Martin’s mom after his Mavericks lost to the Nuggets after game 3.  He called K-Mart a thug and a few other unkind words directed towards Martin’s mom in the stands the day before mother’s day. Word got back to Martin and he said he would handle it face to face.  […]

Bulls Versus Celtics & NBA Playoff Round-Up

The Cavs moved on.  The Lakers moved on.  The rest…well, it’s kind of weird. I did say that the Mavs would beat San Antonio.  I just did not know they would dismantle them.  Denver laying the smackdown on the Hornets by 58. The Hornets say it’s just one game.  True, but only one team won […]