Will Smith’s Son Denies Split!

Trey Smith, the son of Will Smith from a previous marriage took to his Twitter to debunk the InTouch Weekly article stating his parents are separating. Trey twitted this nugget; “Will and Jada getting a DIVORCE ..NOT TRUE AT ALL !! RETWEET.” Well, this is the first statement from any of the family far.-Dr.FB Diagnosis:  Jaden, It’s Your […]

Nicki Minaj Denies Fight; Says Man Would Have Balls Removed By Her

Nicki Minaj. Photo:

Nicki Minaj is denying that she got into an altercation with a man at Dallas hotel yesterday.  It was reported yesterday that Nicki got into a shouting match with a male companion and got struck on her bottom lip. Nicki took to her Twitter account to make a statement about the incident; “The fact that […]

CNN Denies Our Report Of Elizabeth Taylor In Hospital

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo:

You know I am loving this.  So, I sent our exclusive story of Elizabeth Taylor being admitted to the hospital to several news outlets including CNN.  Within 20 minutes of sending it in, the CNN entertainment correspondent was debunking it and saying he already talked with someone saying it is false.  Wow.  He must have […]

David Hasselhoff Released From Hospital

David Hasselhoff has been released from the hospital after suffering a seizure caused by alcohol and mixing anti-seizure medicine. Just don’t tell that to him! Hasselhoff is denying the whole thing happened.  Ironically, his ex-wife was busted for drinking and driving over the Thanksgiving weekend. At least David was not driving when his incident happened, […]

Taylor & Taylor Take In A Game

They are still denying they are a couple, even after he showed up to a few of her concerts and she went into the audience to hug him. He was there for support.  On Sunday night, the “New Moon” star and hot female music singer were caught at an L.A. Kings game in Los Angeles. We don’t even think […]