Dick Clark

Video: Dick Clark Interviews A Young Michael Jackson On “American Bandstand”

Here is one of Michael Jackson’s first interviews on “American Bandstand” with Dick Clark. It was with his brothers, the Jackson 5. Gotta love how MJ just took Dick’s microphone and made it his. Dick was being playful with Michael. Interesting that Michael said he is not shy. Dick Clark passed away this morning at […]

Dick Clark’s Hardest Interview Ever? Prince

Dick Clark said when he was alive, the hardest interview he ever had was interviewing Prince. Before Clark even met Prince, he was impressed and shocked. The story of folklore was that Prince was going to make the interview hard on Clark, even though it was Prince’s first ever interview.   The first question out of Dick’s […]

Dick Clark Dies Of A Heart Attack At The Age Of 82

Dick Clark File Photo

New Years Eve will never be the same. Dick Clark, America’s oldest teenager, has died of a heart attack at the age of 82. Paul Shefrin, Clark’s spokesman, broke the story of his passing, stating that Clark had a massive heart attack this morning.  He died at St. John’s hospital here in Los Angeles, where he […]