New Black Eyed Peas! Listen Now!~

Here is some new Black Eyed Peas for you! "The Time" (Dirty Bit) is new from the group that will be performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2011.

They took the hook from "I Had The Time Of My Life" from the 80's movie Dirty Dancing.

Man!  Wil.I.Am is beating Diddy to the 80's classics now, isn't he?  Check out the song above n let us know what you think.-Dr.FB


Video: Jennifer Grey Comes Out Of The Corner On Dancing With The Stars

OK, I am not secretly rooting for Jennifer Grey on Dancing With The Stars, I want her to win. There, I said it.

Check out the rehearsal footage and the performance above.  Sigh.  Hey, isn't that Jamie Lee Curtis?  ;)

Grey looks amazing.  Yes, nose job.  It's been 25 years or so.  Can we get over it?-Dr.FB

Check out our full review.


Patrick Swayze Passes Away

Patrick Swayze File Photo
Patrick Swayze File Photo

Patrick Swayze File Photo

After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze has died. He was 57 years old.

Patrick starred in 2 of the biggest romantic movies of all time, "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost".  He leaves behind a wife Lisa Neimi, whom he was married to for 34 years.  Everyone who Patrick met through the years had nothing but nice things to say about him. Always on time, always professional, just a true gentleman.

We all knew his struggle with pancreatic cancer and how he was fighting it, and for a while beating it. "I'm a miracle", he proclaimed last year when he was filming a TV show for the  A& E network.  I posted a photo of Patrick Swayze about 2 weeks ago of him being escorted out of the hospital in a wheelchair he was so weak. We knew that he was going to die, it was just a matter of time, but it does not make it any less sad.

I will remember him as the last time I saw him, singing "Play That Funky Music" at The Roosevelt Hotel in 2007.

My condolences to the family and friends of Patrick Swayze. He will be missed.-Dr.FB