Seriously? Sacha Baron Cohen Drops Out Of Freddie Mercury Bio Film!

Freddie Mercury/Sacha Baron Cohen Photos: Vogue.IT

When it was announced that Sacha Baron Cohen was going to play Queen front-man Freddie Mercury, I was intrigued. Sacha has dropped out of the movie and it kinda sucks!

Deadline.com broke the story saying that Cohen was dropping out due to creative differences.

The band wanted a PG version of the movie and Cohen wanted it to be a hard-hitting piece, especially covering his death from AIDS.

Who will replace Cohen in this film?  An unknown?

As for things being a little more true to life when it comes to music film biographies, "Ray" about Ray Charles was not PG. It was PG-13. There was no nudity and I have a feeling that Cohen wanted to go all out and put it out there how Mercury really was.  He wanted it to be true and not downplayed.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Really not sure who will play Mercury now.  If anyone suggests Adam Lambert, I will not talk to you.  Lambert is great playing with Queen but he is not Freddy and should not play him.  


Enrique Iglesias Drops Out Of Britney Tour; Ego Couldn’t Handle It

Britney Spears & Enrique Iglesias. Photo: Idolater.com
Britney Spears & Enrique Iglesias. Photo: Idolater.com

Britney Spears & Enrique Iglesias. Photo: Idolater.com

Enrique Iglesias was announced yesterday as the opening act for Britney Spears upcoming tour.....and today...he backed out.  The reason?  His ego couldn't handle being her opening act.

Enrique wanted equal billing with Britney as to be co-headliners.  My understanding of a co-headliner is sometimes Britney would be the first act.  That would not be happening.  The agreement was being worked on for weeks with the understanding of the co-headliner.

When it was announced on Good Morning America yesterday, it was made obvious to everyone that Enrique was the supporting act.  So, he dropped out.  Big mistake.

Britney's last tour in 2009 generated $131 million dollars in revenue and we also heard that Enriwue was going to be paid quite a pretty penny....not pesos. 

Plus, Enrique could have been upstaging her every night as he actually sings.  Britney does something..not sure how live it is though.

The Britney tour will kick off in Sacramento, California June 17th.  No replacement act has been named for Enrique yet.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Not Britney's Hero