Seriously? Sacha Baron Cohen Drops Out Of Freddie Mercury Bio Film!

Freddie Mercury/Sacha Baron Cohen Photos: Vogue.IT

When it was announced that Sacha Baron Cohen was going to play Queen front-man Freddie Mercury, I was intrigued. Sacha has dropped out of the movie and it kinda sucks! broke the story saying that Cohen was dropping out due to creative differences.

The band wanted a PG version of the movie and Cohen wanted it to be a hard-hitting piece, especially covering his death from AIDS.

Who will replace Cohen in this film?  An unknown?

As for things being a little more true to life when it comes to music film biographies, “Ray” about Ray Charles was not PG. It was PG-13. There was no nudity and I have a feeling that Cohen wanted to go all out and put it out there how Mercury really was.  He wanted it to be true and not downplayed.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Really not sure who will play Mercury now.  If anyone suggests Adam Lambert, I will not talk to you.  Lambert is great playing with Queen but he is not Freddy and should not play him.  



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  • Debbie a.k.a thareelqueenbee
    Posted at 11:50h, 24 July

    I say stick to your TRUTH Sacha don’t let any one sway you any other way for wanting to stay true the the story of Freddie Mercury. Sacha also wanted to Honor the true Freddie Mercury not some water down story line, The HARDCORE FANS of Queen know What I am talking about. GO SACHA! for NOT SETTLING for anything LESS but the BEST for Freddie Mercury Story.

  • 1817
    Posted at 09:25h, 24 July

    He duz look a bit like him BUT I never cared 4 his acting. 2 play a role like this they need a quality actor. We don’t need another Liz & Dick (u know that Liz Taylor special with Lindsey Lohan- she actually has sum acting abilities she just got 2 much smack in her brain)

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 00:58h, 24 July

    Cohen would’ve been perfect. So much so that the band (who is Brian May and Roger Taylor only as Bassist John Deacon is retired and not interested in further Queen ventures) should reconsider. Freddie was very free, flirtatious and lived life to its musical and debauched fullness.

  • Mark
    Posted at 22:31h, 23 July

    Good. I can’t stand him.

  • Trudy June
    Posted at 10:56h, 23 July

    I was also looking forward to see Cohen play the part of Freddy Mercury, but I understand the living members of Queen, his life should be played as real as possible but they want him, Freddy, to keep his dignity: so no shaming nude scene’s and all, it is not needed for the movie ..

  • Booyah
    Posted at 08:28h, 23 July

    Sacha Baron Cohen would have been perfect, but Russell Brand is surely a great back-up.

  • RedRoseQueen1
    Posted at 08:21h, 23 July

    I was so looking forward to seeing the biopic with Cohen too. I think he was perfect for the part. As for Lambert, no doubt he would do the justice best vocally. However, Cohen would be better for the acting and the physical resemblance.
    It seems that the remaining members of Queen aren’t ready for the full “Monty” as it were as far as the real story (behind the scenes etc.) As much as I was looking forward to this, it may need to wait until all original Queen members are deceased.That’s a shame.

  • Lisa D
    Posted at 08:06h, 23 July

    Wow that’s a shame they didn’t do it his way…….he looks just like him.

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