Taylor Isn’t So Swift With Her Grammys

Taylor Swift Grammys

Taylor Swift could not hold on to her Grammys last night.  The 4 time winner last night (her first 2 were given out before the show and she was even more excited then.) The grammy falling mid-air is an instant classic photo and her look of surprise of “oh sheeeet, it’s gonna break” is funny. […]

Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods As A Spokesperson

Tiger Woods has just been dropped as a spokesperson for Gatorade. They say the decision was made before the crash. Yea right! Last week, no sponsors were dropping him, but now that he is hitting a par of 10 women plus, they are pulling out. All I can is Gatorade may be the first but […]

Timbaland Drops Chris Brown From Track

Timbaland has dropped Chris Brown from an upcoming song. Chris was to sing on a song called “One I Love” which was first called “Maniac” and then changed.  Timbaland decided there was just too much surrounding Chris to leave him on the track.  Timba’s CD drops December 8th. Speaking of dropping, someone should have told […]