Drops Out

Richie Sambora Drops Out Of Bon Jovi Tour; “Personal Issues”

Well, this news sucks big time! Richie Sambora is dropping out of the current leg of the Bon Jovi “Because We Can Tour” with the next show being in Canada. Bon Jovi’s official web site released this comment about Sambora; Due to personal issues, Richie Sambora will not be performing on this upcoming leg.  All […]

Katy Perry Drops Out Of The People’s Choice Awards

Katy Perry. Photo: GettyImages.com

Although Katy Perry was scheduled to attend the People’s Choice Awards that air this Wednesday, she has backed out of the event. She tweeted that she would not be attending. She did not give a reason why, but we can “assume” that she is not ready for the spotlight and making her first appearance after […]

Megan Fox Pulls Out….Of Transformers 3~

Megan Fox is stating she pulled out of “Transformers 3” while director Michael Bay is saying he let her go. To be honest, I believe Megan only because during promotion of “Transformers 2” she was complaining about Michael Bay and the movie.  It was kind of like back then she was campaigning not to be […]

Sean Penn Drops Out Of 3 Stooges & Cartel

Sean Penn has just dropped out of 2 movie roles and did not give a reason other then if delaying of the filming happened, he would stay involved in the projects. We hear it is to work on his marriage with Robin Wright Penn. “3 Stooges” & “Cartell” producers have not made a statement yet […]