The NPG’s Shelby J. Gets Interviewed By Ebony!

Shelby J

Shelby J. has an interview feature with Ebony which you can access here.

Ebony talks about Shelby working with Mary J. Blige, Carlos Santana, Roy Hargrove, Martin Luther, D’Angelo, Anthony Hamilton, and Prince.

When speaking of Prince she has this to say:

“The greatest ever. Period. Dotcom”

"(Working with Prince) was humbling and awesome! I am so very thankful for his guidance and his support in all that I do. That’s my brother right there! He’s got my back and I sho’ got his!”

This is definitely Shelby's season! We hear that TV and Movie folks have been calling.  They can't resist Shelby's heart and magnetism.

Prince only picks the best and Shelby always reps for the NPG.

She stated:

" The NPG is Home! That's more than just my band…that's my family!"-DocFB

Diagnosis: Shelby will be having a Summer & Fall full of excitement & "NEW beginnings" …..stay tuned!!


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Happy Birthday Prince!

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

Prince In Paris. Photo By Bria Valente

 We just wanted to wish Prince a happy birthday or born day or whatever and say...Thank you for the music and the journey.

Also, earlier this morning, a new Prince song called "Hot Summer" debuted,

The Ebony magazine teaser said "Summer Hotter Than This? We Don't Think So."  There was Internet speculation about a CD being packaged with the Ebony issue although nothing ever told to us about that, one has to wonder if there might have been a plan to do so or something very similiar.

"Hot Summer" was played on his hometown of Minneapolis's radio 93.9     The Current this morning.  They will be playing it again today so check out a great station and listen to the stream for it as for now they will have it.

Coincedence this song drops today?  Prince was born on June 7th, 1958 and would make him 52.  Add the numbers together, they are quite lucky, no?



What’s Up Doc “Thank You For Being A Friend” Edition

Welcome to this week's edition of What's Up Doc where we discuss the passing of Rue McClanahan, the mystery surrounding Gary Coleman's death, Prince on the cover of Ebony, Lakers, Celtics, Al & Tipper Gore, and Breakerbox.

Hope you enjoy and keep it funky!~-Dr.FB


Ebony Magazine To Turn A Shade Of Purple For July Issue

Ebony Logo. Image Provided by Johnson Publishing Company
Ebony Logo. Image Provided by Johnson Publishing Company

Ebony Logo. Image Provided by Johnson Publishing Company

So, I got this cool PRetty INteresting CErtain news tip that I just had to share with you all.

Ebony Magazine---- check your news stands in June for the cover story.  It's going to be full of surprises. 

The Doc loves surprises,   don't you?-Dr.FB

Update:  So, it looks like they meant check your newsstands in June for the JULY issue of Ebony.  I will take blame on it as it seems I misread it wrong.  So, one more month y'all.


Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Michelle Obama & Tina Turner Grace Cover Of Ebony

Alicia Keys On The Cover Of Ebony.  Photo: EbonyJet.com
Alicia Keys On The Cover Of Ebony.  Photo: EbonyJet.com

Alicia Keys On The Cover Of Ebony. Photo: EbonyJet.com

The black woman comes in many beautiful shapes, styles, sizes, and obviously, color. Four of the most beautiful and strong black women are on the cover of Ebony magazine this summer. 

Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Tina Turner grace the cover of Ebony.

Halle Berry On Ebony Cover.  Photo: Ebonyjet.com

Halle Berry On Ebony Cover. Photo: Ebonyjet.com

For a list of all 25 black women who make us sit up and take notice,>>