The Emmys To Take On The Dallas Cowboys & Lose!


emmysThe Emmy's, after announcing they were moving the award show to September 13th to not compete with football, have now moved it back to September 20th.

The reason? The MTV Video Music Awards, which sucked butterballs last year.  Both networks are owned by Viacom and you just can't have both compete.

  Now, by moving the award show back to September 20th, it will be put against NBC;s Sunday Night Football which will have Tony Romo & The Dallas Cowboys versus Eli Manning & The New York Giants, basically, a ratings bonanza and an Emmy killer.

The Cowboys each time they had a game on Sunday Night Football last year, would win the ratings for the week and were also NBC's highest rated games of the year.  Add in it is the Cowboys home opener at their new stadium and the ESPN coverage that will follow, CBS is majorly F'd!

The last time the Giants played the Cowboys in a home opener, the ratings were in the 30 million range. (I was there.)  We are talking American Idol numbers. Not to mention the Emmy's are still on tape delay in the West Coast so while watching the game, you can find out the winners online. 

Side note: The Cowboys have NEVER lost a game I attended.  Unfortunately, unless Tony hooks me up..cough cough..scuse me, I will not be at that game.  :)

Face it; until the Emmy's move to a nation-wide live telecast, something else will catch the viewers eyes, no matter who the host is.-Dr.FB


No. 8 Giants Win The Super Bowl

The Catch.  File Photo

The Catch.  File Photo

The Patriots were on the way to the first ever undefeated season.  Only one thing stood in the way: The New York Football Giants.  A team they beat on the last game of the regular season.  A cake walk right?  Nope.

The last game of the season record-wise and playoff-wise was meaningless to the Giants.  They were facing an undefeated team and pride was on the line. Several sports reporters said sit them, it won't matter.  What did I say?  The Giants, right now at the last game of the season, have no shot of winning the Super Bowl.  If they play all the starters and give the Patriots a game, whether they win or lose, may just have that shot. They lost.  But, the most important win was a month away.

People around the office were like this is going to be the worst Super Bowl ever.  I was like the NFC is like an AFC team.  Do not count the Giants out.  The only heat on ESPN was the Patriots being the only undefeated team.  The Giants beat two 13-3 teams in the playoffs. No spotlight on them.  Did the Giants care?  Michael Strahan put it simple; "The pressure is all on them.  No one is picking us.  if they lose, what are they gonna do." 

The first 3 quarters were very defensive and close.  The Giants defense sacking the hell out of Tom Brady, who seemed hobbled by a leg injury he differed a week before against the San Diego Chargers, but it did not seem to limit his passing ability at all. 

The 4th quarter started and then history happened.  The Patriots were up.  The Giants facing a 3rd down with time running out. The Patriots blitzed, Manning looked sacked, it looked like the game was over.  Eli somehow got of the tacklers way, still being chased, thre the ball downfield, looking way high of a receivers head.  The receiver however, caught the ball between his hand and helmet, bringing it down without touching the ground. 

A couple of plays later, Eli Manning passed a touchdown to Plaxico Burress, wide open in the end zone.  I could not believe it.  We were all jumping up and down.  Then it hit us, Brady and the Patriots get the ball back with a little time on the clock.  All that Brady needs.  But this time what they needed and wanted, did not happen.  The Patriots lost.  Eli Manning.  Super Bowl MVP?  Wow.

Eli Manning went to being called a bum by Giants football fans to never having to pay for a meal or drink in New York City ever again.  I attended the first game of the season for the Giants against the Cowboys in Texas Stadium.  I told him, the team here is going to the Super Bowl and win it.  I meant the Cowboys, but in the end, the Giants proved they were the best team in football.  It really is not how you start but how you finish.-Dr.FB

(Honorable mention: Boston Celtics Clobber the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Finals.)


Romo Wants To Go On Sunday

Will Romo Be In Action On Sunday?  Photo: AP
Will Romo Be In Action On Sunday?  Photo: AP

Will Romo Be In Action On Sunday? Photo: AP

Maybe he is a tough guy...or maybe he just doesn't wanna hang with Jess.  We kid we kid.  Tony Romo who broke his pinkie on his throwing hand Sunday, had a talk with Brett Favre on Tuesday who told Romo, if you can play with the pain, he would do it. 

Tony has been throwing although back-up Brad Johnson has been getting a majority of the snaps.  Cowboy Owner said if he wants to play, he should play.  The head coach has not made a decision yet. 

On a side note, Eli Manning will be playing with a bruised chest for the Giants, who are the best team in the NFC, at this time.  Romo's Cowboys trail New York by two games.-Dr.FB


An Old-Fashioned Sling-Shooting In Dallas

Donna McWilliam
Donna McWilliam

Tony Did This To Jessica Later. AP Photo: Donna McWilliam

First the Eagles were up.  Then the Cowboys.  Then The Eagles.  Then The Cowboys...get the drift?

Tony Romo, overcoming a few mistakes early that put the Cowboys behind by 9, was able to bring Dallas from behind to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 41-37 in what will be the most talked about game...well of this weekend. 

Yes, more talked about the New York Bretts getting the beatdown by the Matt Cassell led New England Patriots.  More taked about then that old fashioned butt-whooping the Giants put on the hapless Rams.  Even more talked about than that botched call in Denver that went against San Diego.

Make no mistake about it, Philly is a great team and losing in the regular season to the Cowboys means nothing.  Just ask Eli Manning.

From commentators stating how Romo is looking like Brady (without them 3 rings mind you) and how T.O. is the most dominant reciever in the NFL.  I am sure Randy Moss would disagree but with Brady on the bench, Moss and Brady have hooked up 23 times.  T.O. and Jessica's man, 28 times. 

You better see the highlights before you head anywhere today because people are def gonna be talking about this one....at least until next Sunday.  Then it will be the Favre'less Packers taking on the Cowboys.  One thing's for certain, unlike in this game, New England will be 3-0 after next week. 

You just can't bet against the boys in the 818. -Dr.FB