Elisa Fiorillo Deese of the NPG has released a new album with Tyler Reese under the name THE DEASE & REASE PROJECT entitled "Life In 20" and it is out today!

You can listen to the first single "All Over the World" above.

You can purchase the album below:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/life-in-20/id879582005 
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Life-The-Dease-Reese-Project/dp/B00KJO0EK8 
CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thedeasereeseproject2

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For more on Elisa and how THE DEASE & REESE PROJECT came to be, click here!


PRINCE Spreecast W/Luke James & Elisa From The NPG! Watch Now!

PRINCE Spreecast Image By LV

We had Luke James and Elisa from the NPG on the PRINCE spreecast this week and it was a great show!

Luke talked about playing with Prince at the City Winery and also touring with Beyonce and about a new movie he is in coming soon with Forest Whitaker!  He also sang some songs and forgot his shirt...and it seems people did not seem to mind!

Elisa was a sweetheart as always as we discussed the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival show from last weekend. Elisa also sang a few notes for us from "Love Machine" and "Daddy Pop" and Doc took it way back to talk about her appearance on Arsenio Hall.

To watch the PRINCE Spreecast, click here!


The NPG’s Elisa Fiorillo-Dease Featured In New Issue Of Daeida

Elisa Fiorillo-Dease Photo: Daeida
Elisa Fiorillo-Dease Photo: Daeida

Elisa Fiorillo-Dease Photo: Daeida

Elisa Fiorillo-Dease is featured in the new issue of Daeida, music-based magazine in Los Angeles.  The interview covers her entire career, personal issues, and Prince.

Elisa talks about being produced by Jellybean in 1997 and recording her sophomore album with David Z. at Prince's Paisley Park studios.  For months, she did not run into the music icon, then, one day, he was behind the board listening to her music, but not believing it was her.

Elisa Fiorillo-Dease & Richard Hallmarq File Photo

Elisa Fiorillo-Dease & Richard Hallmarq File Photo

Prince had Elisa sing on the spot and she blew him away.  She then sang on the "Partyman" remix and the track "Love Machine" with The Time.  Elisa talks about punching Prince in the arm with excitement and he would ask her to stop.  Yet the italian in her would start doing it minutes later.

The 10 page interview is very interesting with talking about the hardships of the music business, personal issues, her marriage, and working with Prince again 20's years ago.  Although working with Prince on only one album, she did consider herself to actually be a protegé of his, even though she did hate that word.

Elisa Fiorillo-Dease File Photo

Elisa Fiorillo-Dease File Photo

We loved seeing Elisa at the L.A. run last year, performing, talking with her after the shows, and even at those late night jam sessions at Prince's house.  Seeing her, Prince, and Nikka Costa was quite the funky experience, and we can totally understand her being late to the interview because of it.

You can check out the entire article on Elisa right HERE and there are some AMAZING shots of her along with the interview.   Also, make sure to check out Elisa's official web site www.elisafiorillo.com

Elisa wanted to add this to Drfunkenberry.com:

 "I'm working on a new petal to drop from my Little Flower website on May 19, 2012. The song is a jazzy/pop-Sade/Basia-type song called "Share It With You" that I wrote and co-produced with Jazz trumpeter Tony Guerrero.

I am currently in the process of shooting the video (styled by clothing designer Richard Hallmarq and directed by Adrian Soto -both the song and video will be released on May 19th, 2012. (My ten year wedding anniversary:o)

We think it is pretty safe to say that Elisa is "On The Way Up" 21 years later.-DocFB


Prince & The NPG Ready For Rehersals For Canadian Tour

Welcome 2 Canada. LiveNation.com
Welcome 2 Canada. LiveNation.com

Welcome 2 Canada. LiveNation.com

Prince & The NPG are getting to rock Canada with tour dates set to start later this month and go on sale November 4th.  The tour is called Welcome 2 Canada.

The band, along with newly minted member Andy Allo, is also bringing back Elisa Fiorillo-Dease, who was missing from the European summer tour and Liv Warfield will be back along with the soulful sounds of Shelby J.

They have been rehearsing all week and we hear it sounds divine.

We also hear that it looks like there might be a private show or 2 somewhere before they take off to Canada.  We will keep you informed with what we find out.

As far as we know and can remember, this is the most extensive tour that he has done in Canada in his career.

Tickets go on sale Friday, November 4th HERE.

Canada is going to warm and Funky this winter big time.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  4th Day Of November, We Need A Purple High.....