Eliza Dushku

Dancing with the Stars 9/20: Premier Show Review

Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Promo Photo

I was a little skeptical when I heard the list of celebs for the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars. However, after tonight’s premier, I am hooked! They are all so mediocre and kinda boring, that there is no stand out…and that makes me want to see who in the hell is going to […]

Video: Rick Fox Does The FOXY Walts At DWTS

Rick Fox is going to be a hit with the ladies and some gentlemen this year on Dancing With The Stars. I have heard some females say he is a great dancer and some say Cheryl did all the work. What do you think?  I think as long as Rick flashes those pearly whites and […]

Eliza Dushku Makes Me Want To Scream

Eliza Dushku is hot like soup. I don’t care what any of you say. The hottie who is dating former Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox showed up at the Scream Awards making me…well…want to scream. I liked Eliza since back in the day when she was in the cheerleader movie “Bring It On” and she […]

Eliza Dusku & Rick Fox Still Going Strong

A relationship that started shortly before summer is still going strong.  Eliza Dusku and Rick Fox were spotted picking up some java and just straight chilling. Eliza has been shooting new scenes for her show on Fox “Dollhouse” which got picked up for a second season. Rick Fox has been relaxing and has been doing […]

Eliza Dushku To Replace Megan Fox?

So we are not going to talk about Megan Fox on August 4th. (A really great day by the way.  What? it’s Barack Obama’s Birthday! Is it someone else’s too?) Well, one of the nominees to replace the person’s who’s name we shall not speak will be Eliza Dushku. Enough talking! Let’s look at her […]