Kristen Chenoweth Talks About Dinner With Prince

Kristen Chenoweth was on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" and talked about an encounter with Prince where he invited her to dinner.

She also talked about an Emmy party that Prince had in 2008 where Prince played for 2 and a half hours and Chi McBride was there with a few other people.

I got that phone call too n was told to invite any pretty female I could.  I called and didn't leave messages so only one female friend and me  were on our way.....and.....


Prince’s Emmy Afterbash!


We are still trying to figure out if what just happened…actually did happen. 

Did Prince just just throw an impromptu Emmy party at his house?  Did it turn into Karaoke night with some celebs taking or sharing the mic with the host?  Oh yea, it happened all right!

A review is coming shortly, we just need to get a little bit of rest as he wore us out. 

(This was sent in and we can confirm it happened and we will not so patiently be waiting for the full review. Stay tuned.-Dr.FB)