Is Lady Gaga Suffering From Exhaustion? Video

Lady Gaga seemed out of it for a few minutes during her performance in New Zealand over the weekend. 

Check out the video above of her doing "Bad Romance" and check between the times of 1:30 and 1:55 as she seems really out of it at times and looks like she is about to pass out. 

Her performance usually does not take place with her sitting on stage.  She did suffer from exhaustion during her U.S. tour causing her to cancel a few dates. 

Just worrying about you Gaga and take it easy woman.  She is currently set to perform in Sydney, Australia next and we sure she will bring it.  Just get some rest hun.  Dr.'s orders, so to speak.-Dr.FB


Amy Winehouse Collapses

Amy Winehouse File Photo
Amy Winehouse File Photo

Amy Winehouse File Photo

Amy Winehouse collapsed at her house over the Christmas Holiday.  We are told it is due to exhaustion. 

She was arrested recently for assaulting a theatre owner in London.  She is under the care of a doctor while she recovers. 

We wonder what 2010 has in store for Amy Winehouse.-Dr.FB