Amy Winehouse Collapses

Amy Winehouse File Photo
Amy Winehouse File Photo

Amy Winehouse File Photo

Amy Winehouse collapsed at her house over the Christmas Holiday.  We are told it is due to exhaustion. 

She was arrested recently for assaulting a theatre owner in London.  She is under the care of a doctor while she recovers. 

We wonder what 2010 has in store for Amy Winehouse.-Dr.FB

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  1. R.I.P Amy…my thoughts are with your family and ‘real’ friends at this heartbreaking time…

  2. oh yeah and dont be talken crazy at least not all the time i know we all gotta say some shit sometimes but lets be loved not hated ok

  3. im john in austin texas. amy is my fave but girl u cant let yerself get looken like u were i mean damn. keep some food in that gut at least. and not one to judge a bitch on a lil bita whitegirl but make sure i cant see it from more than a fiew feet away up in them nostrils k. yer music almost brings tears to my eyes sometimes and i aint haten get well girl its alot of us out here rootn for u

  4. Love for Amy.

  5. Looking up “demise” on dictionary.com (which I don’t really need to do because [a] I am English and, er, use English words all the time, and [b] because I have a brain):

    1. death or decease.
    2. termination of existence or operation

    If you meant to say something else you should have said something else, fool.

  6. Since when did DEMISE mean DEAD?????? Please get a grasp of the English language John before you start criticising my remark.

  7. U R SOO RIGHT JOHN!! i hope 2010 will be the year when she finally will put her demons to rest & stop taking that junk! Hopes she gets better soon

  8. And what kind of example is wishing someone dead? It’s funny how those who trot out the “think of the children” rubbish turn out to be the most vindictive, nasty, spiteful people. It’s not like she set herself up to be anyone’s role model. I hope she finds some kind of peace in 2010.

  9. Her demise hopefully….im so sick of this digraceful junkie…what sort of role model is this for our children…the media should stop reporting on her until she sorts out her life…maybe that is the push she needs to be drug free

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