#FBF #Flashback Friday “Running” By No Doubt

No Doubt Photo: Billboard.com

There is a reason why No Doubt is one of my favorite bands of all time. Tony Kanal and Gwen Stefani's song writing on "Running" is a huge part. I believe it was written that is was written In Kanal's living room from what I have read.

You could see the video of "Running" as just the last video from "Rock Steady" as say a throw-away...you would...if you were not a fan. Here was No Doubt reflecting on how far they have come with photos from their past. To me, it was an ode to their fans as a way to say thank you. I'm sure many of them (The fans) feel the same way.

The pencil pushers who were trying to compare this song to Depeche Mode songs just never got No Doubt...and obviously never will. Just like Gwen will always be an Orange County girl....

Chris Hafner did a good job with the direction of the video and the integrating of the photos of past and present No Doubt members.-DocFB

Diagnosis: No Doubt is an important part of music history. They don't get their due but they will. In the 90's, they made a statement and stood on their own with MTV mostly dominated by Pearl Jam and by the Smashing Pumpkins. Gwen and the entire band were and still are true originals. Just because they gave props to Ska, you couldn't just categorize them as Ska. If you did, that was your loss. "Rock Steady" let you know this band was here to stay. "Running" is a reflection of that. I'm so sorry if you have fallen and don't get that.....They made it...and are still "Running"......


#FBF FlashbackFriday “Father Figure” By George Michael

George Michael File Photo

"Father Figure" by George Michael is a soulful song, and one of the many reasons he has racked up several number ones on what is now called the Billboard R&B Charts.

After hitting number one on the Billboard Black Charts with "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me" with Aretha Franklin, George hit number one again on the Black Charts with "Faith" and as "Father Figure" was heading to number one on the Billboard Black Charts, Motown, along with other label heavyweights went after Billboard to change the title of the Billboard Black Charts To The Billboard Soul/R&B Charts due to George Michael and other "white" artists being on the so-called Black charts.

It is now known as the R&B Charts and was once known as the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Charts. It is always embarrassing watching Award shows from back in the 80's when something would be called Best Black Single. The 80's everyone. The 80's. Paula Deen can you hear me?

Glad Billboard fixed that up by the late 80's though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Straight up, anyone know of YOUNGER artists who can sing R&B? If you say Robin Thicke, think again please. Deep voice...


#FBF Flashback Friday “Word Up” By Cameo!

From the classic cameo by LeVar Burton with a megaphone, you know that "Word Up" by Cameo is going to be timeless. Well...the song at least!

I'm waiting for Chris Brown to start wearing the cod-piece that Larry Blackmon is wearing. Oh, you know it is coming!

"Word Up" was released on May 27th, 1986. It made it to number 6 on the Billboard Top 100 and to number one on what is now called the R&B Charts.

It was the band's first ever top 40 hit.-DocFB

Diagnosis: What better way to kick off your Friday night than with "Word Up" though? For real! Even sucker DJ's know that!


#FlashbackFriday! Madonna “Human Nature”

Madonna Human Nature Photo: thegamutt.com

#FlashbackFriday! "Human Nature" by Madonna!

"Human Nature" was from Madonna's 6th studio album "Bedtime Stories" released in 1994. The single was released in June of 1995.

Surprisingly, the song only made it to number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, although it is one of the Doc's favorite Madonna songs.

I had uploaded the "Human Nature" remix by Howie Tee, because it is funky as doo-doo...BUT soundcloud sent me a copyright message that Madonna has it blocked....so I can't share it with U guys.

Diagnosis: Express Yourself don't repress yourself.


#FlashbackFriday! Mary Jane Girls “In My House”

Mary Jane Girls Photo: uepmfmfmfe.blogspot.com

#FlashbackFriday! "In My House" by the Mary Jane Girls! The Mary Jane Girls are Joanne "JoJo" McDuffie, Cheryl Ann "Cheri" Bailey, Candice "Candi" Ghant, Kimberly "Maxi" Wuletich, Yvette "Corvette" Marine, and Julia and Maxine Water.

Rick James was working with JoJo and the Water sisters originally as an answer to Prince's Vanity 6.

Cheri left the group before "In My House" was released and was replaced by Yvette "Corvette" Marine.

In My House reached number 3 on the R&B charts and number #7 on the pop charts.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Whose house?


#FlashbackFriday! Snoop Dogg & Pharrell “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

Snoop Dogg Screen Cap: Metrolyrics.com

#FlashbackFriday! "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg & Pharrell.

You know, Snoop Dogg before he changed his name to Snoop Lion. he specialized in getting all the girls naked for shizzle n drizzle n mizzle.

Before people were twerking, they were popping it like it's hot.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I'm only here to twist you....


Flashback Friday Jam! “Every Little Step” By Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown Every Little Step Screen Cap: live.drjays.com

The Flashback Friday Jam is "Every Little Step" by Bobby Brown. The song hit number 3 back in 1989.

The hits that Bobby Brown was putting out at the time, there was discussion of who was the better dancer, Bobby or Michael Jackson. Seriously.

When you talk about New Jack Swing, you have to bring up "Every Little Step" by Bobby.

Every Little Step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady from Mike Tyson

A few years ago, Funny or Die remade "Every Little Step" with Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson featuring Bobby Brown!! Crazy fun and crazy cool.

Check out both videos for Flashback Friday!-DocFB

Diagnosis: The Doc was good to good to go solo....