Forrest Gump

Video: Michael Bolton Takes On Jack Sparrow & Tony Montana On SNL Digital Short

Andy Samberg may just revive Michael Bolton’s career with Bolton’s obession with Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp’s “Pirates Of The Carribean” character, instead of a “big sexy hook” for Andy’s song, like he said. He even takes on Forrest Gump and Scarface. Yes. As Tony Montana. Check it out above. It…is something. Good? Kinda. Weird. Oh […]

Sean Penn & Robin Wright-Penn Call Off Divorce…Again

Faster than you can say Natalie Portman, Sean Penn & Robin-Wright Penn are not getting divorced…again. Just weeks after Sean filed the papers and rumors that remain unfounded of a relationship with actress Natalie Portman, Sean is now “back” with his wife of umpteen years Robin-Wright Penn. The Forrest Gump actress and Sean have both […]