Frank McCourt

The L.A. Dodgers File For Bankruptcy

The once proud franchise from the way of Brooklyn, has filed for bankruptcy.  The Los Angeles Dodgers announced Monday morning they are indeed filing for bankruptcy. Frank McCourt, the Dodger owner will not be able to meet payroll when it comes to paying his players and others on Thursday.  McCourt made the decision, not Major […]

The McCourt Divorce Is Going To Court

If you guessed our blind item from last week, you knew it was about the Dodger owners The McCourts. Within a day of the BLIND ITEM post, TMZ busted Jamie McCourt with a younger man, in fact, someone who worked for the Dodgers and was fired a month before. McCourt fired Jamie last week by […]

Sports Boxers & Briefs: Dodger Owners Separating

As the Dodgers go into the 2nd round of the playoffs, the owners are about to go into a battle that could be just as hard. Frank & Jamie McCourt confirmed they are separating. This has been brewing for a while but this is rather bad timing. Now, some focus will be put on this […]

Author Frank McCourt Passes Away

Frank McCourt passed away at the age of 78 on Sunday. He died due to complications of the deadly skin cancer Melanoma. You will be missed Frank. Much love and condolences to Frank’s friends and family.-Dr.FB