Prince Talks About Michael Jackson’s Death

Prince & Michael Jackson.  Photo: MSN.Com
Prince & Michael Jackson.  Photo: MSN.Com

Prince & Michael Jackson. Photo: MSN.Com

In a french interview, Prince talked about Michael Jackson and was asked about his death and how he felt about it.

The  english translation was posted on Prince.org, a Prince fan web site and here is a few quotes;

"When I played in London in 2007, the O ² Arena, I asked the producers what had been the record number of shows played consecutively in their venue. They said six. I said that I wanted to do twenty-one. During two weeks they refused me, nobody had ever played for so long. All concerts were nevertheless sold out. Since then, Michael Jackson showed me that I should go farther."

When asked about performing the Jacksons "Shake Your Body Down To The Ground", Prince added;

"My singer Elisa has the same timbre as Michael when he was young. And a good song is a good song."

Lastly, the question that many people were wanting to know; How did Prince feel about the death of Michael Jackson?

(Prince, obviously reluctant, does not want to dwell on the subject.) "It is always sad to lose someone you loved."

Well, there you have it. What do you think of Prince's comment(s) regarding Michael Jackson?-Dr.FB