Funk It Or Dunk It? New Gwen Stefani “Baby Don’t Lie”

Gwen Stefani Photo: GettyImages.com

Gwen Stefani is back going solo with "Baby Don't Lie" from her as yet untitled 3rd solo record. No Doubt fans don't fret. She is writing new material with them as well.

Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic, Beyoncé), Benny Blanco (Kesha, Katy Perry) and Noel Zancanella (Maroon 5) all co-produced the track.

So we gotta ask: Funk it or Dunk it?-DocFB

Diagnosis: A Funk It From Us big time!


Funk It Or Dunk It? Wil.I.Am. & Miley Cyrus Release “Fall Down” Listen Now!

Wil.I.Am. & Miley Cyrus Photo: PopCrush.com

Wil.I.Am has released his new single "Fall Down" featuring Miley Cyrus. You can listen to the....interesting pop track below.

The track starts slow and I thought it was music for a car commercial and 45 seconds later, it picks up. Around 1:10 is that beat you were expecting after his last track with Britney Spears.

Around 1:35, it goes back to the car commercial jingle...or is it a Mentos commercial? Hmm.

This track is all over the place. Elements are good. I'm not sure how I feel about this track yet.

If I had to choose now, I would say dunk it. Ask me again when the video comes out and will see how I feel then.

So Funkenstuffs, what do U think? FUNK IT OR DUNK IT?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Falling down.....getting picked up.....


Funk It Or Dunk It? Robbie Williams “Different”

Robbie Williams is back with "Different" and will he have what it takes to crossover to the U.S. audience? He made a small splash back in the late 90's and found a gay audience along with it.

For those that do not know, Robbie was/is a member of the UK Boy Band Take That who found major success before breaking up in the 90's. They have gotten back together a few times but nothing permanent.

Robbie Williams has that George Michael feel but his voice is much harder and less soulful. he can pull off the rock and dance numbers. I am just not sure that "Different" truly shows how different he can be.

What do you think? Funk it or dunk it?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Dunk It!


NEW Video: Brandy Featuring Chris Brown “Put It Down” FUNK It Or DUNK It?

Here is "Put It Down" by Brandy featuring Chris Brown. It appears at times it's a battle of who can show more skin and Chris Brown wins this contest.

Judging by comments on our Facebook Fan Page, you are disappointed that Brandy hooked up with Breezy and the song you "put it down" in many ways.  We are assuming this is still because of what he did to Rihanna, obviously.

Still it seems , Breezy is in high demand and Brandy needs a hit.... desperately.

Smart move?  Check out the video and let us know.....

To FUNK it or DUNK -DocFB


New Video: The Hives “Go Right Ahead” Funk It Or Dunk It?

Here is "Go Right Ahead" the new video from the Hives whose new CD "Lex Hives" will be available June 5th.

The video was filmed live during the recording of the album, at RMV Studio on the island of Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. The footage offers a glimpse into the gorgeous new studio owned by Benny Andersson from ABBA.

The Hives elaborate, "We recorded large chunks of LEX HIVES at Rixmixningsverket. It is a new studio that Benny Andersson from ABBA built in the heart of Stockholm, and he cut us a deal we just couldn't refuse. We were the first band to record there. The video shows us walking to the studio on the first day of the second week of recordings. We basically set up a bunch of cameras in order to film while we recorded the take to make this more realistic than most "rock videos." The thing is, we needed extra mouths and hands since we couldn't do it all ourselves at the same time. These were generously supplied by people close and dear to us who can be seen in the film. Even Randy Fitzsimmons can be seen through the studio window wearing a mask. Randy on camera is a historical first. This moment is also a historical first. We give you.. We tell you to... GO RIGHT AHEAD!"

Their highly-anticipated new album, Lex Hives, is due out June 5 via the band's own Disques Hives label and comes in advance of a North American tour that kicks off June 19 in Washington, D.C. A more extensive U.S. headlining tour is in the works for this Fall (details to come). Lex Hives is now available to pre-order on iTunes, including a Deluxe Edition that features bonus tracks produced and recorded by Josh Homme.

So Funkenbabies, do we FUNK it or DUNK it?

For upcoming tour dates and a link to pre-order the new CD, click the continue reading button....


Funk It Or Dunk It? Shane Harper “Rocketship”

Our latest Funk It Or Dunk It is "Rocketship" by new artist Shane Harper. His debut album will be available on Tuesday, Feb. 14th exclusively at Target Stores.

Shane had this to say about making the CD:

"The process of writing a song, recording, and then shooting a video for it is really an incredible experience," said Shane. "I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed making it."

The CD is being released by Deep Wall Records launched by Adam Anders, who is the executive producer of Glee and Rock Of Ages.

The album is being released on Valentines Day, which is also Shane's birthday.

For more on Shane, check out his site HERE.

I dig the song.  It is a catchy pop song to say the least.

So what do you think?  Funk It or Dunk It?-DocFB


Jay Z & Kanye West Make A Buddy Video For “Otis”


Although they are having issues with their tour, Jay Z and Kanye West are dominating the thrown at the top of the charts.  "Watch The Thrown" had over a million pre-orders online and most importantly, the CD didn't leak!  The only let down seems to be the new video for "Otis" which just debuted.

I haven't seen a buddy team like this since Tango & Cash.  The highlight for me is a brief cameo by Aziz Ansari who stars in the movie "30 Minutes Or Less" which opens today.

I'm just not feeling the video.  I will not be funking it but dunking it.  What do you guys think of "Otis" by Kanye & Jay Z?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Sitting On The Dock Of The Hov