“FUNKNROLL” The Official Lyrics! Did PRINCE Really Say…?? Listen Now!


"FUNKNROLL" the latest "club-banger" has been released from PRINCE. The song will be featured on "Art Official Age" and "PLECTREMELECTRUM" the debut album from 3RDEYEGIRL. Both albums will be released on 9/30.

The song has already been featured in NFL pre-game shows. Could that be where the video will world premiere? Hmm.

The Dallas Cowboys usually have the highest rated games on Sunday Night Football and will be playing the New Orleans Saints. Fact: Sunday Night Football is the most watched live event week after week with less DVR activity than any other TV show except for NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl. "New Girl" anyone?

When the song was being performed last year, we were sent the official lyrics from Paisley Park.

To access the official lyrics, click HERE!!!


PRINCE News From Paisley Park! “Breakfast”, Janelle, Livestreams To Return & The Lyrics To “FUNKNROLL”

Prince Photo: Funk * U

It has been a hot year for PRINCE and it looks like it is not going to cool down anytime soon!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

As we told you about earlier, "Breakfast Can Wait" is out now worldwide! Please support NPG/Kobalt Music!

We talked about on the Prince spreecast about leaks to the Janelle Monae and Prince duet "Givin' 'Em What They Love" but rather than burning a copy (Eww) it is best to pre-order the double album version from Target now! We will even provide you with a link HERE to do so!

The man JoshuaWorld has been remixing the new concert closer "FUNKNROLL" and we have been told it will be released soon. We asked in what form but right now they don't know.

Have you been missing the Livestreams? When the band returns to Minneapolis from a very short break, we are told the Livestreams will start back up. Get this. We have been told that Prince is writing and recording a lot these days, so new music is definitely on the way!

"GROOVY POTENTIAL" is an outtake so that should give you an indication of what to expect....hmm.

Click here for the lyrics to "FUNKNROLL"!!!!