George Lucas

PRINCE Rocks A Wedding, A City Winery, 2 Livestreams, &…Paisley Park?

PRINCE took over the George Lucas wedding this weekend and then performed late night at the City Winery. They did a livestream from the show of “Extraloveable”, “Little Red Corvette” and went back during the final encore. Later that night/early morning, a rep for 3rdEyeGirl teased that Paisley Park might be opened this weekend for […]

PRINCE To Play George Lucas’s Wedding Party This Weekend In Chicago!

3rdEyeGirl TV hinted a couple of nights ago that PRINCE would be in Chicago for some events and did plan on staying there for a bit. One of the events is the George Lucas Wedding Party! Just an FYI. Found out from an secret source that PRINCE will be performing at the George Lucas wedding […]

Transformers 3 Set For July 2011 Release

Transformers 3 will be out July 1st, 2011, it was announced a short time ago after Michael Bay met at George Lucas’s ILM Effects House in San Fancisco. Returning to the movie will be Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox.  If it sucks as much as Transformers 2 did, do us a favor and don’t make […]