PRINCE To Play George Lucas’s Wedding Party This Weekend In Chicago!

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL Tour Opener - Vancouver Photo: Kevin Mazur

3rdEyeGirl TV hinted a couple of nights ago that PRINCE would be in Chicago for some events and did plan on staying there for a bit. One of the events is the George Lucas Wedding Party!


Nycole Hampton broke the story via Twitter. George Lucas was married last weekend at Skywalker Ranch but his bride is from Chicago so they are having the wedding party there.-DocFB

Diagnosis: From the heart of Minnesota, here comes the Purple Yoda!

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  1. This is the 1st time I have 2 say it the Purple Yoda is coming to Parta at Lucas Wedding by any chance King Prince would be N a Lucas Film “Prince I am Your Father” Star Wars anybody MAN that would be FREAKING AWESOME 2 see Prince in a Lucas Film he hasn’t done a Film since Graffiti Bridge and that would be 23 years ago since Prince has been in a Film. The Time has come 4 Prince to be N a Movie. Lucas Darling Time 2 Pitch your Scrip 2 tha PURPLE YODA 😉

  2. Who better to play than the PURPLE YODA!!

  3. “American Graffiti Bridge”… Prince gets more attention(in media) for things like this than he gets for his incredible work; only Prince can change that…Will he? Does he want to? Does he care? What if only the most ‘inside’ of ‘insiders’ even knew what “Dirty Mind”, “Controversy”, “1999”, “Purple Rain”, “Sign O The Times”(and too many other albums, B-sides, singles, et al.) were…? C’mon Prince, Make your newest work known to the masses: Write It, Record It, Film It, and bring it to the masses. Prince your efforts have been too much of a “Private Joy” for too long now…

  4. Correction Lucas Wedding party! He was just married last sunday at Skywalker Ranch…..

  5. They must b paying Prince a pretty penny 4 this. George is loaded!

  6. Eye figured he would b! After seeing sum of the NPG members hint, that they was n Chicago 2 play @ Lucas wedding on instagram last nite…

  7. He’ll be like 20min away from where I live. Hmmmm, have to rewatch Wedding Crashers like now.

  8. Ironic. Hey Prince! Ask George if he is interested in buying a Rockwell ? 😉

  9. Prince, Lucas, and Hobbs partying at 63rd St beach?!! Wow, cool, congrats to all. LOL

  10. Way cool…ChiTown will b on FIRE this weekend! Congrats to George Lucas and his lovely bride!

  11. George wouldn’t mind a couple hundred Prince fans crashing, right? ;P

  12. My birthday is July 17 but i celebrate it on 19th.. 1st of many Hump’s Funky Fridays

  13. Prince should invite me <3 :)

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