Katy Perry Wants To Make Her Own Purple Rain

Katy Perry  File Photo
Katy Perry's Been A Bad Girl.  File Photo

Katy Perry's Been A Bad Girl. File Photo

Katy Perry jetted out of LAX on Monday.  Why no photos from that?  because she usually wears the same thing and I wanted to use this photo instead!

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Katy is back with Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes.  Travis was quick to confirm but not Katy until she posted this;

“I don’t like being single.  I live a fantastic life, full of magical things, and at the end of the day all I want to do is share it with someone.”

While on the road, Katy Perry watched "Purple Rain"  and after watching it, had this to twitter;

"Purple rain is to prince as who's that girl is to madonna as glitter is to mariah. When do I get to make mine?"

OK Katy, as much as I do want to see you in movies and as your videos are somewhat beautifully filmed, you will get to soon.  Just do me one favor;  NEVER EVER compare Purple Rain to "Who's That Girl" or "Glitter".  NEVER. 25 years that movie still rocks as well as the music.    Who's That Girl or Glitter cannot hold a match to that movie.  The only time you want to hold a match to those movies is when you are about to burn them. 

Love ya Katy and wish you well in your movie endeavours, but keep "Purple Rain" where it belongs; in it's own league baby.-Dr.FB