Katy Perry Wants To Make Her Own Purple Rain

Katy Perry  File Photo
Katy Perry's Been A Bad Girl.  File Photo

Katy Perry's Been A Bad Girl. File Photo

Katy Perry jetted out of LAX on Monday.  Why no photos from that?  because she usually wears the same thing and I wanted to use this photo instead!

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Katy is back with Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes.  Travis was quick to confirm but not Katy until she posted this;

“I don’t like being single.  I live a fantastic life, full of magical things, and at the end of the day all I want to do is share it with someone.”

While on the road, Katy Perry watched "Purple Rain"  and after watching it, had this to twitter;

"Purple rain is to prince as who's that girl is to madonna as glitter is to mariah. When do I get to make mine?"

OK Katy, as much as I do want to see you in movies and as your videos are somewhat beautifully filmed, you will get to soon.  Just do me one favor;  NEVER EVER compare Purple Rain to "Who's That Girl" or "Glitter".  NEVER. 25 years that movie still rocks as well as the music.    Who's That Girl or Glitter cannot hold a match to that movie.  The only time you want to hold a match to those movies is when you are about to burn them. 

Love ya Katy and wish you well in your movie endeavours, but keep "Purple Rain" where it belongs; in it's own league baby.-Dr.FB

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  1. Salut katy perry est ma chanteuse préféré.

  2. katy perry kills us……………………(joking man)

  3. katy perry is a talentess whore who fucks a faggot.in this pic she makes a mockery of the “school girl” look.it’s really amazing that such a big tittied whore can look so ugly in a plaid skirt.

  4. I want this post has been up top, up top! Top up to everyone to see!

  5. Love Katy Perry!

    Thanks FB for putting out the new layout. The Pink is great!

  6. Good Lord! Thanks Doc FB for setting Miss Perry straight. Just because a singer/performer is featured in a movie doesn’t mean it can be put into the same category as Purple ®ain.

    Thanks for drawing the line….if you hadn’t, we’d be reading more comparisons like:

    “….as The Bodyguard was to Whitney…as A Walk to Remember was to Mandy Moore…as a A Cinderella Story was to Hillary Duff…as Labyrinth was to David Bowie…as The Bride was to Sting…as Poetic Justice was to Janet & Tupac…”?????? Huh???

    Stop the madness!!! LOL

  7. dr.f thank u 4 setting katy p straight. Purple Rain is most definitely in its “own” league set totally apart from all others. Love u Prince 4 giving us Purple Rain.

  8. Katy is theatrical and makes great videos. She capable of making a cool film!

  9. haha well I can imagine she wants that too

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