Latin Flavor! Pitbull To Host 2013 American Music Awards

Pitbull Photo: Billboard.com

With the 2013 American Music Awards honoring the 25th anniversary of Gloria Estefan being on the show, and the 15th anniversary of the Latin Artist award, it seems fitting that Pitbull was announced today as host of the AMA's.

Pitbull will also be performing "Timber" with Kesha at the show.

Other musical stars booked to be at the show (It does not mean they will be performing) are Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Lewis, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Florida Georgia Line, and Luke Bryan.

The 2013 American Music Awards will take place in Los Angeles November 24th and air on the ABC network.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The over/under is that Pitbull will end up performing 3 times that night....


Gloria Estefan Does That Conga As She Escapes Luxury Box

Whew. It almost did cut both ways for Gloria Estefan Sunday during the Miami Dolphins game.

Gloria, who is an owner of the Dolphins along with Jennifer Lopez and others, was set to introduce Enrique Iglesias as the halftime act.  One problem.  She got stuck in her private luxury suite.  The door would not open.  Security could not get it open as halftime was approaching.

What did Gloria do?  She kicked off her heels and went through the window to the next suite over.  Yikes!  Not as easy as you may think when you have a crowd below and who knows if she is afraid of heights or not.

Well, Gloria made the escape and was just able to introduce Enrique. 

Let's hope that doesn't happen to Gloria this Monday night as the Dolphins take on the New England Patriots.-Dr.FB


Fergie Joins List Of Dolphin Owners

Fergie Photo: Babble.com
Fergie File Photo

Fergie File Photo

Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas now has something in common with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Venus & Serena Williams,  Jimmy Buffett, Emilo and Gloria Estefan. She is about to be a part of the celebrity's that own the Miami Dolphins.

Team owner Steve Ross has not made an agreement with the singer but the NFL has approved her when she does sign.

In a related NFL note, it does not look like Rush Limbaugh would be able to be an owner of the St. Louis Rams even though he threw his prescriptionshat into the ring. Maybe next time you call someone like Donavon McNabb just another "black" quarterback, you will actually think before speaking.

So Fergie, who sings about her humps owns an NFL team and Rush doesn't?  All right then.-Dr.FB