Gym Class Heroes

Travie McCoy W/Bruno Mars “Billionaire”

Travie McCoy Lazarus Cover

Here is the cover of Travie McCoy’s upcoming CD Lazarus, which features “Billionaire” the debut single. Travie had a hit with Gym Class Heroes “Girlfriend” song and is more famous for being Katy Perry’s boyfriend before she hooked up with Russell Brand. He gives shoutouts to Oprah and what he would do as a “billionaire” […]

Katy Perry Wants To Make Her Own Purple Rain

Katy Perry jetted out of LAX on Monday.  Why no photos from that?  because she usually wears the same thing and I wanted to use this photo instead! As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Katy is back with Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes.  Travis was quick to confirm but not Katy until […]