Oh No! Kathy Griffin Gets The “Miley” Cut Too!

Oh man! This could be a cool trend! Kathy Griffin took to her Twitter and Instagram to show off how she would look with the new Miley Cyrus haircut….and….there is just a little too much face when it comes to Kathy to make it work. Still, it is VERY funny. She even posted a pick […]

Oh No She Didn’t, Did She? Ellen Copies Miley Cyrus’s New Hair Do!

Ha! Ellen DeGeneres just released this photo above saying “she LOVES Miley Cyrus’s new hair do so much that she copied it!” Thankfully, it appears to be photoshopped! We LOVE Ellen’s hair as is….. Just a reminder, The Ellen show returns for it’s 10th season September 10th!-DocFB

Video: Robert Pattinson On Ellen

Robert Pattinson debuted his new ‘doo on Ellen yesterday while promoting “Eclipse” so I will stop writing so you can get to watching the video…..-Dr.FB

Jessica Simpson Gets Her Carol Brady Hair ‘Do On

Jessica Simpson. Photo:

Jessica Simpson got a new haircut courtesy of her hair designer Ken Paves over the weekend.  Not so sure I like it.  I wasn’t exactly hot for Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch. I like it in the first photo from the side but the 2nd one, not so much.  I am sure when she […]

Zac Efron Changes Hair Style. Breaking News?

Zac Efron’s messy hair is gone, replaced by a shorter, not as messy look.  Wow. You can actually see his forehead and other pars of his face I did not know existed. It has been rather hot in L.A. recently and I guess Zac was feeling it too.  You all feelin’s his shorter crop?-Dr.FB