Halloween Party

The Cast Of Harry Potter Takes In Halloween

Daniel Radciffe, Rupert Grint and a majority of the Harry Potter cast attended a Harry Potter Halloween party in London over the weekend.  You remember, the things kids were obsessing about before Twilight? It seems at the start Daniel Radcliffe was not too keen with paps who were hanging outside as he tried to get […]

We’re No Angels?

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon attended a Halloween Party event in New York over the weekend. I am not going to say anything and just turn it over to you all. Go for it.-Dr.FB

Natalie Portman’s New Movie & Avoiding Impossible Pursuits

Natalie Portman is set to return to work next week.  I guess work is better than being hit on. As we told you first here, Natalie Portman was getting hit on all night at Drew  Barrymore’s Halloween Party.  The person doing the hitting was Orlando Bloom.  Double dipping Mr. Bloom?  Thought you already had a […]

Without Naming Names….

Which actor attended Drew Barrymore’s Halloween party and hit on Natalie Portman all night only to be told to walk the plank? “Rumer” has it that he had more success at Prince’s Oscar party, making out for a majority of the night.  Who do you think it is?-Dr.FB