High School Musical 3

Ashley Tisdale Is “Cool”

Ashley Tisdale was spotted outside of the Coffee Bean looking cute and comfy, yet still no smile.  Maybe it’s because if she was only carrying one more item, she would have been the product placement star of the week.  I imagine when Ashley smiles, the sun would have come out, unlike in this pic.  So, […]

Ashley Tisdale : From HSM To AMA’s

High School Musical 3 star Ashley Tisdale attended the American Music Awards as well and even she seems not so happy to be there. She looks pretty, but where is the smile?  Hopefully, the grammys have been paying attention at the past few award shows and they won’t be so whack.  Then maybe, Ashley will […]

Vanessa Hudgens Buys A New Home

Vanessa Hugens now owns a home and did it while being far away! Vanessa bought a beautiful home in Studio City while overseas promoting High School Musical 3 With Zach Efron. The home cost about $2.5 Million and was on the market for close to $4 million.  Congrats Vanessa and here is hoping your house […]

Paramount Pictures Pushes Forward Zac Efron’s Footloose

Paramount Pictures is pushing foward fast the Footloose remake with Zac Efron.  This was announced last year and perhaps Paramount was waiting to see what High School Musical 3 would do at the box office. Well, it is ready to go. Holy Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon!  The director of High School Musical 3 Kenny […]

High School Musical 3 Hits #1

High School Musical 3 took in 42 million in the U.S. and a little over 80 million world-wide to be the number one movie not only in the country but over the world. Congrats to Disney for also getting the biggest opening for a musical ever.-Dr.FB