Hillary Duff

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance On Gossip Girl

Here is the full performance of Lady Gaga doing “Bad Romance” on Gossip Girl. The dialogue that takes place is between 3 people who had a threesome a week before and are discussing the effects of what happened. Just thought I would give you that background. I think I can speak for everyone when I […]

Is Ashley Tisdale Following A Trend?

It’s the same story in Hollywood for decades.  Actor or actress wants to be a singer.  Singer or rapper wants to be an actor. The problem? Many of them are getting their wish. I haven’t listened to Ashley Tisdale’s new CD (still bumping the future of 2010, Breakerbox) so I can’t judge it. Miley Cyrus […]

Hilary Duff Takes Her Curves To Hawaii

Duff is curvaceous and looks healthy.  She also looks happy.  Let the girl have her fun in the beautiful Hawaii water.  So People, and you know who you are, STOP hating, this is a picture of pure health.