Nicki Minaj Gets Attacked By A Man In A Hotel?

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston
Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj. Photo: Twitter.com/HelloHouston

Nicki Minaj allegedly was attacked by a man in a lavish Dallas hotel last night.  Nicki was by the hotel's pool where she got into a verbal fight with the man she was with and it got very loud.

The man went back to their hotel room and Nicki shortly followed.  The fight continued and at some point, police and paramedics were called.  Nicki was hit in her lower lip.

Despite the hit, Nicki did not want charges pressed against the man.  She let it be known that the man was not her boyfriend nor any other type of relationship was taking place with the individual.  An incident report was taken and nothing else.

Nicki nor her team has said anything publicly about the altercation.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  No More I Love You's


Video~Baseball Player Hits Mom With Foul Ball

Denard Span was playing in a preseason game for the Minnesota Twins against the New York Yankees when he hit a foul ball.

Span had family in the stands where the ball went and ran over to find out the ball hit his mother in the chest!  She was treated and did come back to watch the game.  Span was so upset over the whole ordeal and who can blame him.  Check out the video above.-Dr.FB


Mariah Wants To Know What Love Is

Mariah Carey File Photo
Mariah Carey File Photo

Mariah Carey File Photo

When you stumble and your beat is lazy, pull something back from the 80's. Mariah Carey is about to do that.

Mariah Carey, who's first single "Obsessed" should have been called "A Bust" as it bombed so bad, Mariah pushed her CD back a month. Now, getting heat before we have even heard a lick is her new song entitled "I Want To Know What Love Is" and is from the 1980's by the rock group Foreigner.

I must say...smart move. "Open Arms", "I'll Be There", Can't Live", and "I Still Believe" were huge hits for Mariah and all covers.  Not too much bass Mariah. Keep it simple with piano and other poppy things. Stick to that and you might have a pretty big hit on your hands.-Dr.FB