Mariah Wants To Know What Love Is

Mariah Carey File Photo
Mariah Carey File Photo

Mariah Carey File Photo

When you stumble and your beat is lazy, pull something back from the 80's. Mariah Carey is about to do that.

Mariah Carey, who's first single "Obsessed" should have been called "A Bust" as it bombed so bad, Mariah pushed her CD back a month. Now, getting heat before we have even heard a lick is her new song entitled "I Want To Know What Love Is" and is from the 1980's by the rock group Foreigner.

I must say...smart move. "Open Arms", "I'll Be There", Can't Live", and "I Still Believe" were huge hits for Mariah and all covers.  Not too much bass Mariah. Keep it simple with piano and other poppy things. Stick to that and you might have a pretty big hit on your hands.-Dr.FB

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