Holly Madison

Holly Madison Gets Her Spongebob On

Holly Madison. Photo: Twitpic.com

Holly Madison posed for this photo on Sunday, showing off her love for Spongebob Squarepants. That dress fits her perfectly.  We would love to wring her out of it like a sponge.  Wouldn’t you?-Dr.FB

Get Behind Holly Madison!

Holly Madison. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Here is Holly Madison enjoying her Labor Day Weekend at the Encore Beach Club. What a view wouldn’t you say?-Dr.FB

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Here are the top searches bringing people to Drfunkenberry.com 1.  Kate Gosselin 2.  Sandra Bullock 3.  Dr. Funkenberry (Well, what do you know?) 4.  Vida Guerra 5.  Audrina Patridge 6.  Melanie B. 7.  Holly Madison 8.  Salma Hayek 9.  William Levy 10.  Michael Phelps   (why?)

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Here are the top searches bringing people to Drfunkenberry.com for 04/11/10. 1. Sandra Bullock 2. Kate Gosselin 3.  Holly Madison 4.  Michael Phelps 5.  Melanie B. 6.  Taylor Lautner 7.  William Levy 8.  Vida Guerra 9.   Kim Kardashian 10.  Salma Hayek -Dr.FB

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Here are the top searches that brought people to Drfunkenberry.com yesterday. 1. Kate Gosselin 2. Sandra Bullock 3.  Holly Madison 4.  Dr. Funkenberry (Hey, that’s me!) 5.  Dancing With The Stars 6.  Charice 7.  William Levy 8.  Amy Winehouse 9. Ellen & Portia 10. Salma Hayek