Is Elin Going To Divorce Tiger Woods?

Wow.  I am somewhat surprised by this but perhaps time away from Tiger has her thinking again.  Also, maybe it was that Nike commercial. Elin did not like that Nike commercial….well if you believe “the source” saying she doesn’t like it. Here is more of what “the source” has to say: “Elin was violently angry […]

Another Mistress Pops Up For Tiger

Devon James.

He really is going to have one ho for each hole in a golf course.  Is this mistress 16 or 17?  I lost count because the women were so ugly, not that it makes it OK to cheat, mind you. Devon James, an adult entertainer…and we will leave it at that has now stepped forward […]

Video: Leno & Conan Are Ho’s

Check out this highlarious skit on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” where it calls Leno, Conan, Fallon, and Carson Daly ho’s. Leno: Bottom ho because he has been there the longest. Conan: The pretty ho. Fallon: The new ho. Carson: The freaky ho. Check out the clip above. It is worth your time. Let me […]