Review: PRINCE & Andy Allo Make The “Housequake” At The Sayers Club

Prince performed along with Andy Allo at the Sayers Club on Tuesday night for a crowd just over 200 in Hollywood.

After seeing Prince perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I headed over to The Sayers Club where I met Damaris Lewis, the model and guest dancer for Prince on his latest tour and we did a quick interview.

You had to check your cellphones at the door, so I knew that meant no tweeting of songs performed while they were happening like I have done in the past before writing a full review.

I strike up a conversation with Hannah Ford, Prince's guest drummer, and her husband Josh and talk about the experience she has had since joining the NPG. Through the night I talk with Elissa Fiorilo-Deese, Ida, and John Blackwell, the coolest people for sure.

It is around 12:20 when Andy Allo and her band enter with the horns playing as the entered stage left.

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Quote Of The Moment-Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Killing It.  Photo: C.B.
Gwen Stefani Killing It.  Photo: C.B.

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive. Gwen Stefani Killing It. Photo: C.B.

"sometimes i listen to prince and i think - it is not possible ?? how can he be this good??? i worship him"

-Gwen Stefani twittering about the one n only Prince.

May I add if you can't dance to "dance 4 me" or "housequake" you can't do nothing for me.-Dr.FB