Hugh Jackman

First Official Image For “Wolverine” Movie Released

The first official image of Hugh Jackman in the “Wolverine” movie has been released. Hugh has played Wolverine in the successful X-Men movies before. The movie is set for release on July 26th, 2013 and features Hugh flexing as “Wolverine” claws and all. The movie takes place in Japan when Wolverine encounters a stranger from […]

Catherine Gives Us A Little Night Music

When you look at Catherine Zeta-Jones, it’s like the new Sade song just starts playing.  She has that kind of beauty.  Catherine Zeta-Jones is starring in a new musical “A Little Night Music” with Angela Lansbury and Alexander Hanson. We heard she was fantastic and attended the after party with her husband Michael Douglas.  Also […]

For Your Pleasure

Here is Hugh Jackman vacationing in St. Bart’s over the weekend.  For your pleasure….and then some.-Dr.FB

Hugh Jackman Gets Caught In A Steady Rain

Our friend G at according2g took this photo of Hugh Jackman and sent it to us to share with you. He just say the play “A Steady Rain” and even did a a review of it so if you would like to read it, please go here and support him.-Dr.FB