Video: Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” Reflects & Gets Huntsman On Us

There is something about Katy Perry that at times seems innocent to us and at the same time like she is pulling the wool over our eyes. Both happens in her clip for "Wide Awake" but what we see is innocence lost.

The video is set to take place after her "California Girls" video where her career skyrockets and her entire life changes, from being one of the top 2 female singers on the planet to a love-struck marriage to Russell Brand that ultimately ended in divorce. The kid in her returns however.

What does little "Kathryn" Perry symbolize? Perhaps it is the Katy of today fighting for the happiness of that little girl. To not be fooled or shackled or to eat the poison strawberry. To not be fooled that you need a Prince Charming and to find the happiness inside you and to live for you. To never give up on your candyland dreams or of world domination.

The video is beautifully stunning. With that little caterpillar climbing alongside the hill to Katy Perry able to shoot fireworks or a spell from her breasts one more time. There is a "Snow White & The Huntsman" feel to it and "Kathryn" gets her "Hulk Smash" on as well.

It is a fun video with a serious message. One that may be lost on some but not the doc.

What do YOU think of the video?-DocFB


New Avengers Movie Poster Released!

Avengers Movie Poster. Marvel Studios
Avengers Movie Poster. Marvel Studios

Avengers Movie Poster. Marvel Studios

Marvel just released a new movie poster for the upcoming Avengers movie and it looks like Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are ready for action!

Thor, The Black Widow, and Captain America all look like their movie counterparts in the art poster.  The Hulk, Iron Man, and Hawkeye...not so much.

It is a very, very cool movie poster and for someone who likes comic books still, I am loving the poster and cannot wait for the movie.

What do you think of the new poster?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Comics are still cool......


Disney Waste No Time With New Marvel Character

Spider-Mouse By Stephen Wacker Via Twitter
Spider-Mouse By Stephen Wacker Via Twitter

Spider-Mouse By Stephen Wacker Via Twitter

(P.S., this is a joke.)

Disney released Spider-Mouse to the world yesterday within hours after buying Marvel Comics. It was announced his villains would be the Donald Goblin, Scrooge Octopus, Goofy as the symbiont costume, and Minnie Jane Watson as his love interest.

We cannot confirm if Miley Cyrus will be the new Invisible Girl in the new Fantastic Four movie, but it is looking very likely.  We also hear that Zac Efron will be replacing Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3.

We also hear there will be a Spider-Mouse attraction at Disneyland and also activities such as trying on the Hulk's shorts.-Dr.FB

(Again, this is a joke and not really happening. This is a tribute to Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, Stephen Wacker, Edward Greenberg and Stephen Christy.)