Uh-Oh Mariah! Katy Perry Turns Down “American Idol” For $20 Million

Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover

Although she told "American Idol" that she would not be a judge of the show back in JULY, they still pursued her. They even offered her more money than new judge Mariah Carey.

According to TMZ, they originally offered Katy Perry $18 million, which is the exact amount Mariah Carey is making.

After Katy turned them down, they offered her $20 million dollars and even though Idol said "Shut up and put where your money where your mouth is" the singer still turned them down.

It makes no sense to go after Katy.  Speaking from experience, Katy is too hot right now to be tied down to the show.  Same with Nicki Minaj.  It makes sense for Mariah being a mother of twins and for her to be tied down and still be in the limelight.  For Katy, not so much.

Good for Katy for turning it down.  She has guest judged before and knew what she was getting into.

I was REALLY wanting Adam Lambert and Pink to be a part of it but glad it hasn't worked that way.

To see "Idol" getting turned down by almost every music star they go after has been quite amusing, hasn't it?-DocFB