Chris Brown “Upset” About Rihanna Questions In Live Interview

Chris Brown. Photo:

This is why we have been saying that Chris Brown should not be doing any interviews at all.  Just let the music speak.  During an interview with Robin Roberts live on Good Morning America, she brought up Rihanna and Chris seemed not too happy from the start. Robin has said since that she was given […]

Video~ Rihanna Talks About Chris Brown Beating

“When will it stop? When will it stop? He had no soul. He was blank.” Here it is. Rihanna talking about when Chris Brown beat her up 9 months ago. [If the video above stops working, go to to watch it] She answers the question if she hates him and you may not believe the […]

Eminem Teabagging Incident Was Staged

The MTV Movie Awards incident with Bruno (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) & Eminem was staged with Eminem throwing in some great acting. Here is what our on the scene person said about what happened: LMAO! Yes! It was staged! It was rehearsed so many times and Em really just acted like he didn’t care and […]