Chris Brown “Upset” About Rihanna Questions In Live Interview

Chris Brown. Photo: INFDaily.com
Chris Brown. Photo: INFDaily.com

Chris Brown. Photo: INFDaily.com

This is why we have been saying that Chris Brown should not be doing any interviews at all.  Just let the music speak.  During an interview with Robin Roberts live on Good Morning America, she brought up Rihanna and Chris seemed not too happy from the start.

Robin has said since that she was given permission from his people do discuss the Rihanna incident. 

Chris seemed focused on talking about his new CD "Fame" which is out today.

Afterwards, it is being told that Brown, went beserk backstage, broke a mirror and was tossing things around.  He took off his shirt and stormed out of the studio.  The shot above was taken after the GMA appearance.  He expressed frustration on Twitter and then deleted his comment.

So, is asking questions about Rihanna fair game still?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Cancel All Future Interviews

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  1. poor thing i think now is tym to move on. oh shame it will be ryt only god knows

  2. Wel its a gr8 cd i lv it..Chris u my role model i neva mic any c.d

  3. When the Rihanna incident broke, I could not stand CB…..but after hearing what really happened and went down in addition to how the media can’t let things go, I have changed my stance and wish they would get off his back already!

    Love the new CD!

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