Kanye West Officially Releases Video For “Black Skinhead”!

Kanye Wests GQ Shoot.  Photo Provided By Kanye West

Kanye West has officially released a video for "Black Skinhead" a video that leaked 2 weeks ago incomplete.

The video for right now is only available on KanyeWest.com and you can control the speed of the video and take photos to use on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Kanye said his second verse line of "New Slaves" is the best rap line....OF ALL TIME. (Via Twitter)


He basically cut down every Pac, Biggie, Eminem, DMC, Public Enemy, Cube, Snoop, and Dre song of all time.

Humble much? Check out the video to "Black Skinhead" now....-DocFB

Diagnosis: So much talent...with such a big mouth....


Interviewing PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl Fans Live Outside DNA Lounge!

Photo: Madison Dube Image By LV

We will be interviewing fans outside of the DNA Lounge for the PRINCE & 3rdEyegirl shows tonight! You can tune in live below! After, you can watch anytime as an archive!

Video streaming by Ustream

We will also be looking for people AFTER the shows to get your reviews for the PRINCE Spreecast tomorrow and to post on the site, so make sure to look for our rep!

Mad LOVE to our no-name reporters for doing this!!!!

We will be doing this tonight & tomorrow for both shows at the DNA Lounge!-DocFB

Diagnosis: 4 the fans....


Lady Gaga To Do Google & Twitter Interactive Interview

Lady Gaga will be doing a Google & Twitter Interactive interview, answering questions that you ask her between now & Friday, March 18th.

Gaga will answer the questions sometime next week.

That's pretty cool of Lady Extravaganza. What would you ask her?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Lady Extravaganza Does It Again


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