Interviewing PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl Fans Live Outside DNA Lounge!

Photo: Madison Dube Image By LV

We will be interviewing fans outside of the DNA Lounge for the PRINCE & 3rdEyegirl shows tonight! You can tune in live below! After, you can watch anytime as an archive!

Video streaming by Ustream

We will also be looking for people AFTER the shows to get your reviews for the PRINCE Spreecast tomorrow and to post on the site, so make sure to look for our rep!

Mad LOVE to our no-name reporters for doing this!!!!

We will be doing this tonight & tomorrow for both shows at the DNA Lounge!-DocFB

Diagnosis: 4 the fans....

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  1. Dear Nn,

    Lord only knows what your moniker stands for? Not “melanin”?

    What is a vocab? They lacked sufficient spelling and grammar in your Section 8 area or are you perhaps just too slothful to put forth an effort? Careful with your choice of words as we all know your obtuse references can be misconstrued.

    You elected to engage in a manner befitting of your intelligence and apparent Axis II personality. Do not cast aspersions when your own house is not in order.

    Regardless, you have affirmed and confirmed your Cluster B tendencies. Seek help and remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Take advantage of the opportunities afforded. It may not be your fault you’re the way you are but it is your problem.

    Best to you “chernaya zhopa”!

  2. Jill,

    For someone with a decent and exhibitionist style vocab–you sure express yourself poorly and rather haughtily. I’m not sure what veganism (I’m not) and “libtard” (which I’m not) has to do with your rudeness. Your comment (“yawn”) seemed aggressive and you seem sad. Why bother? Who cares? Wisdom with age? I find the net kooky solely because of people who respond like you (that).

    I have a good day or something.

  3. Obviously existential and transcendence inferences are lost on most. I must admit I love the vociferous response. Good pick up on the Coulter reference but take it to its logical end and you will see the point being made. Doc, I didn’t address you but you’re certainly eager to refute your identity as well as that of the spouse. Nn? That’s the best you have to offer? Frotteurism isn’t my thing but thanks for the compliment. People, all I meant was the video segment was LONG. Tossers.

  4. Jill, you need a hug or something? Who hurt you? You okay?

  5. and someone actually made an Ann Coulter reference here? Yikes and talk about random… WTF! Didn’t Ann Coulter refuse to board a plane that had a Black pilot a couple of years back?

  6. I thought it was a great and interesting interview.

  7. Who the heck is Dave? I write ALL content for the site. My name starts with a J and sure isn’t Joshua or Josh. LOL

  8. God save us from yet another tree hugging vegan libtard! I suppose one could have written “boring” versus “yawn” but yawn is so much nicer. Allow me to postulate that perhaps you’re not an Ann Coulter listener. It matters not as the true purpose behind the site has nothing to do with promoting Prince. Go back home now to mommy and daddy. Hey, Dave? Tired of this banter yet?

  9. I thought that was rude too. Why even bother posting something like that “yawn!…”

    Actually it speaks far more about your psyche. Seriously, that’s bizarre

  10. I’m surprised you could stop hugging that tree long enough to post a comment. If you’re that sensitive and feel what I posted was rude I fear for your psyche if something truly rude was posted.

  11. Hey JillChi, Next time try not too be so rude…

  12. Yawn! Next time try posting a video that is, oh I don’t know, shorter than half an hour?

  13. Thanx 4 the livestream….lookin 4ward 2 next one!

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