Alec Baldwin Appears on Saturday Night Live As Airline Pilot

Alec Baldwin went on Saturday Night Live acting as Americans Airlines pilot Captain Steve Rogers.

As Captain Steve Rogers, he apologized to Alec Baldwin, and was very complimentary of himself....I mean Alec Baldwin..since he was Captain Steve Rogers.

In an episode that already featured a digital clip with host Katy Perry, Matt Damon, and Val Kilmer, Alec took the cake.

Seth Myers appeared to be fearful being a part of the skit on "Weekend Update" and we are not sure how good of an idea this is.

Alec has since deleted his Twitter account since getting kicked off a plane from Los Angeles to New York since playing "Words With Friends" on his Ipad and refusing to turn it off after being asked to by a flight attendant.

It seems like public opinion is not in Alec's favor and instead of letting it go, he appears on SNL to somewhat mock American Airlines.

I am still not sure where I stand on this, but was Alec smart to appear on Saturday Night Live and do the skit in the first place?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Captain Stever Rogers Is Captain American Airlines?


Stevie Wonder Makes Surprise Appearance At Wonderful; Talks About 9/11

Stevie Wonder made a surprise appearance at "Wonderful" last night in Los Angeles, a tribute night to him that is toured by Dj Spinna.

Wonder saying and then talked about 9/11 and put it, well, wonderfully.  He also shares a story that he had with President Obama about 9/11 and also Steve Jobs and the Ipad and Ipod as well as a request to play some Michael Jackson.

"If you have nothing to believe in, believe in love."

Love you Stevie, and thank you for those words.

Diagnosis:  God Bless Stevie Wonder


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Diagnosis:  Funk For Every Event 


Time Magazine Releases Bin Laden Cover With Red X On Face

Osama Bin Laden Time Cover. Photo: Time Magazine
Osama Bin Laden Time Cover. Photo: Time Magazine

Osama Bin Laden Time Cover. Photo: Time Magazine

Time Magazine is going to dedicate 68 pages in a special issue dedicated to the killing of terrorist Osama Bin Laden.  The photo features a rex x through his face, like the FBI's 10 most wanted list did.

The illustration is done by Tim O'Brien and will hit newsstands Thursday.  It will also be issued on the Ipad as well Thursday. 

Bin Laden is the fourth person in the magazine's history to receive that treatment (Adolf Hilter [May 7, 1945], Saddam Hussein [April 21, 2003] and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi [June 19, 2006]).

What do you think of the cover?  Do you still buy magazines?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Will It Have A Photo Of The Body?


Ipad Makes Dog Sing With Autotune

OK, I am not sure if I am digging this or if it is weirding me out.

The dog singing with the music and the auto-tune voice that comes over and seems like the Husky is in auto-tune as well.

What do you think of it?-Dr.FB